Vw golf mk3 alarm problems

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Hi there, This is my first post and whilst I can't offer much in this post to be fair, I'm in need of some help. Having finally got back to Blighty yesterday after being stuck in Dubai after this volcano ash malarky, my VW Golf MK3 Gti Colour Concept appears to have developed a problem with the key operated central locking. There is no resistance and the locking mechanism is not operated. Doesn't help that the barrel on the passenger side gave way about a month ago and I didn't have time to sort it out before I went away!

Can't seem to climb in via the boot either as the key doesn't turn. Any thoughts appreciated Cheers, Gray. By the sounds of it the lock barrel is at fault, removing the handle isnt too difficult and then you can check the movement of the barrel. Cheers, Dave, Do have the remote central locking but hasn't been used for a year or two due to an over-sensitive alarm that is enabled with the remote.

I'll see about getting the door handle off and looking at that. No idea why can't get in via the boot, mind. Thanks again. Likelihood is the "spade" off the end of your barrel for the lock itself has snapped off.

VW Golf Engine Problems

It activates the central locking and door locks as well. They are not sided, so a spare handle, or two, from a scrappers should sort it. Even for a hamfisted bloke like me. LuS1fer 35, posts months.

Common Mk3 Golf problems???

My door key doesn't fit the boot, if that helps. Once open, remove the screw on the door by the handle and then slide the handle across and it will come off. You will see that there is a lever on the back of the lock that should connect to a link which slots into the recess you will be able to see if you look in.

This is what is missing on my passenger side lock.Sign In with Edmunds. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign in or Register. On Edmunds. Visit Edmunds How-To Guides. Service Centers in. Browse Forums by:. What Edmunds Says Pros. Got a lease deal in hand?

Give us the details and we'll tell you if it's a good one. Evaluate my deal. Did you get a great deal? Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. January in Volkswagen. I had a new engine put in my tdi golf Was working fine. Now the heater is not working and the engine is overheating. I found out there was no antifreeze in the radiator. Any ideas? May The car likes to switch off while I'm driving. Whether on the motorway, roundabout, traffic light it just switches off.

You'd think it will start if you put your foot on and off the clutch but it doesn't. It feels like its an electrical fault. I think this is a common problem as I have been told by others that they have had the same problem but not sure what it is.

Has anyone had the same problem? Is it a common fault or do I need to change different components until it stops?

Sorry to hear about your problem.

vw golf mk3 alarm problems

June Did you manage to resolve the problem? July Disconnected battery, now can't stop alarm. I just got my new relay the other day, when I went to install it, I opted to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery I didn't know the car had an alarm!

VW Golf MK3 - Central Locking Problem

I have no key fob, how do I re-connect the battery without setting off the alarm? I did a search, and on another forum they suggested holding the hood switch down while you connect the negative battery terminal I did this and had no luck, as soon as I tightened the cable, honk honk honk!

Any help would be appreciated! Maybe if you just put the battey lead on then get in the car and put the key in the ignition and start it, I'm not sure but don't know what else to suggest. TDI s : 02 alh 5spd stock k. Originally Posted by smilesyota.

No camshaft, balance shaft or high pressure fuel pump issues to repair Wow, I don't think I would have guess that I didn't even have to unlock the trunk, I put the key in the trunk in preparation, and when I connected the battery the horn beeped once and that was it!

Thanks guys! Pretty sure if you put the key in the door handle and unlock the doors it'll disarm. If not, putting the key in the ignition and starting the car I believe also shuts it off. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.

TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten. VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions.Log in or Sign up. DIYnot Forums. VW Golf starting problems My plate VW Golf has had intermitten starting problems since we bought it 6 months ago.

Numerous breakdowns each leading to a "repair" at garages but no cure. Today was the final straw, thirty miles from home turned engine off for ten minutes whilst in a shop then tried to start the car turned key the engine didn't fire up. Breakdown came again! Garage thinks it was to do with ignition key and onboard computers and recommended that VW specialist garage take a look.

Yes I need to have the car fixed but can anyone please help me!!! Thanks x 1. Engine turns over but doesn't fire? What has been changed so far? Since we have had it it has had new battery, new temperature sensor and new flywheel sensor. None has made any difference. Thanks for trying to help me, its much appreciated! It does turn over and then nothing!

vw golf mk3 alarm problems

When the car is not starting. Is there a picture of a key flashing on the clocks. Keymandave18 Feb Keyman Dave. As far as I know no there is no key light flashing on the clock when trying to start. WebMasterZ23 Feb Teacle24 - my Golf is doing the exact same thing and has been since last summer. We have replaced the lambda sensor and cleaned out the throttle body which has made some difference and it doesnt do it so often. However I don't know whether its a temperature thing and its just not been so bad over winter as it started having problems in the warm weather last summer.

Might just be a coincidence though! Tonight however it cut out completely and an Oil Pressure warning came up on the dash and said to stop the car immediately. I called the RAC out and their fault reader computer thingy showed the car had registered a faulty Crank Position sensor although on his machine all sensors were working fine??!! The RAC guy didn't know why the Oil Pressure warning light came on though as that wouldnt tally with a faulty Crank Position sensor and he thought it might be a faulty temperature sensor.

We managed to get the car home but he advised not using it and to to take it to a VW dealer which I am very reluctant to do as I dont want to get hit with a massive repair bill which may not sort the problem.

Anyone any ideas?? Not sure if the intermitent starting problem and tonights problem are linked Had a similar problem on my VR6 P reg. Had intermitent starting issues, then one day the ar just wouldn't start at all. Engine would fire up for a second, but the revs instantly drop and dies. AA towed me to the local independent VW specialist and instantly diagnosed it as faulty VW factory fitted immobiliser unit.

The oil light flashes because the dash thinks the car has started, but can't see any oil pressure!! No problems since. The mechanic said its a common fault with VWs of a certain age. And there's no way of diconnecting it as it feeds into the start-up logic of the car.What is it? All US cars came with a central locking system and a factory perimeter alarm.

And for the the most part, it works fine. Arming itself when you lock the car with a key fob or key in the door. Un-arming itself when you unlock a door. The factory central lock system uses a vacuum pump system in the trunk, or rear of the car. On Golf cars the pump is located on the passenger side. When the drivers door is "locked" all doors will also lock. Red LED on drivers door will flash.

Car will "arm" with all doors, hood, and trunk closed and latched down. One turn from the drivers door to unlock the car opens the drivers door, and cancels the alarm. Two turns to unlock opens all doors. If a trunk, hood, or door is opened the alarm will go off, the lights on later cars will flash, the alarm will go off, and the the starter will be disabled.

The only way to disarm the system is to press unlock on the factory remote, or unlock the drivers door with a key. Putting the key in the ignition will not cancel an alarm. Unlocking the car the same way will - one unlock opens drivers door mechanicallyand turns off alarm. Two turns will unlock ALL doors - and if its "held" in the unlock position - will open all power windows note, the sunroof will not open The factory system only disables the starter.

If the car cranks - the alarm is not at fault. There is NO "chip" in the key. But problems arise and things go wrong. The alarm "goes" off at all hours of the night, or worse it prevents the car from starting! But lets look at some key facts.Got a question about buying, owning or running your car during the coronavirus crisis? The VW Golf is a car that almost needs no introduction. Since its launch back inits popularity has grown to the point that it is now the benchmark small family hatchback.

The simple fact is, the Golf is well made, roomy, efficient, competitively priced and has fantastic residual values. There are rivals that do a marginally better job in lone areas, but none do everything a family needs to such a high standard while remaining fun to drive. We're going to focus on cars afterand begin with the Mk4 Golf, which came as either a hatch or estate. It's obvious the emphasis was very much on petrol engines back then, with no fewer than eight to choose from.

An automatic 'box could be teamed with either the 1. Only one diesel engine - a 1. An automatic gearbox was an option. The Mk5 Golf went on sale fromagain in hatch and estate forms. It got a fresh new face and the engine line-up was simplified; now there were four petrols and two diesels. You could have either lower-powered 1. If you wanted diesel, you could have either a 1.

The Mk6 hatch, estate and open top appeared in Now a 1. Volkswagen also launched a new GTD model that used a high-power diesel engine for GTI-like performance and lower running costs. An automatic gearbox could be added to all the petrols except for the 1. The Mk7 Golf will be on sale in Januaryso it's too early to comment on reliability just yet. Although the Golf is famed for its solid looks and high-quality interior, there are still things to watch out for when it comes to buying one used.

Need our help? Got a problem with your car? Our team is here to help you solve it. Just contact the What Car? Here are our contact details E-mail: wchelpdesk whatcar. Volkswagen Golf seat belt problem cars Some cars built between July and December had problems with their seat belts.

vw golf mk3 alarm problems

It's possible that the heat discharged during the release of the front seat belt tensioners can set fire to the lower pillar trim. Volkswagen Golf Isofix problem estate cars There have been Isofix problems reported on some estate cars built between May and June Welding faults on the seams of the Isofix mounting bars were found, therefore not guaranteeing the safe support of a child seat in a crash.

Volkswagen Golf passenger airbag problem cars Some cars built between October and November had problems with their passenger airbags. They may not release properly due to a leak from the pressure reservoir of the gas generator. Volkswagen Golf rear axle problem cars Some cars built between February and February in had problems with their rear axles. Moisture could enter the ball joints, which would in turn start corrosion causing, the joints to seize.

Volkswagen Golf anti-lock brakes problem cars Owners have reported problems with the anti-lock brakes on cars built between March and September There's a chance the ABS control unit could develop an electric fault, causing overheating, which could lead to a fire and loss of ABS. Volkswagen Golf brakes problem cars Some cars built between February and December had problems with their brakes. A brake servo pipe was known to crack and leak, requiring the driver to apply much more force to the brake pedal in order to get the same braking force.

Volkswagen Golf electrics problems cars There have been reports of problems with the Mk4 Golf's electric windows and central locking.Log in or Sign up. Club GTI. Common Mk3 Golf problems??? Sunny Suffolk!

Hi guys Hoping you can help. What are some common issues with mk3 gti's? When i had my mk2, i litrally had no problems with it in the years ownership apart from the clutch wearing out. I have encountered two common problems with my mk3 so far. The idling and stalling issue - now resolved and yesterday on the motorway i discoverd another "common" problem, The Clip that attaches the Clutch cable to the clutch arm decided to let go!

Look forward to hearing your answers. Joined: Jul 1, Likes Received: Joined: Oct 23, Likes Received: 0. My rear suspension "crashed" a lot of anyone was in the back. My coolant tank needed replacing. I had a regulator die on me and some smoke! That was it in three years of R reg mk3 GTi 16V ownership. They seem to go rotten on the arches and tailgate. Don't know if Gti's are any better, but my Mk3 diesel and a couple of people I know that have Mk3s 1.

Plus I keep a look out for other Mk3s and have noticed quite a few with rust on the arches and tailgate. Gearboxes are a bit prone to breaking aren't they?

AntichavMay 2, RED 8V. All fixed now though. Ignition coil seems to be a problme as well. I have been through 2 since ive had mine. Rear Beam bushes heater Relay Mainly electrics really Nev93May 2, They're fat? NordoffMay 3, RobbieMay 4, Mines at k and its had the cutting out problem, coolant leaks and ABS sensors. The lead from the immobilizer ring around the ignition barrel can pick up interference and stop the car from starting.

This is the only problem I've had with mine. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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